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built with unity3d

Environment Sketches

Project Luna

is a one-versus-one fantasy Top-Down Beat’em Up mix, where the players are kids again and fight each other on a free walkable planet. Its targeting casual gamers above 12 years and was developed as a prototype on the PC with the Unity Engine.We are a group of 6 game design students and 2 programmers from the HTW-Berln and developed the game within 14 weeks.

The world

Gameplay Description It is Halloween again and a new kid in town dares you to a fight, about who has the best costume. In this fight imagination and reality blend. The kids wear cute costumes made of everyday-stuff [improvised costumes] in reality, but in their imagination they are powerful creatures. The players take control over the kids to fight each other.

The Characters

Her speed and mobility combined with her firepower make her a difficult opponent.
His strengths are his standing power and melee damage.

Some sketches for our trees Morphing Assets Luna Planet Morphing Assets Werewolf-Kid Werewolf-Kid Gameplay Screenshot Gameplay Screenshot Gameplay Screenshot Gameplay Screenshot Gameplay Screenshot